Vandals damage cars in Strawberry Hill neighborhood

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A sense of peace has been shaken in a KCK neighborhood after vandals strike, leaving costly repairs. Some say they don’t think police are doing enough to address the crimes. Strawberry Hill residents told FOX 4 they’re feeling everything from frustration to fear, after seeing what crooks did to their vehicles.

The Strawberry Hill neighborhood is one many say they cherry picked for it’s history and picturesque homes.

“It’s a historic area, and people that are around here mostly lived here a long time, and I wanted to live here. I like it, but now I’m starting to not feel safe,” said resident Sherry Jolliff.

That’s because neighbor awoke to disturbing sights over the weekend.

Vandals smashed a brick right onto the windshield of a car belonging to Charles Alexander. Someone discovered it Sunday morning, and told him about it.
The brick was still there Monday because it’s too heavy for him to lift.

“You hate to see it happen to anybody, but when it happens to you it’s just an inconvenience. At least they’re not stealing the car or anything like that,” said Alexander.

Vandals also damaged a car belonging to Sherry Jolliff, a car she was hoping to sell.

"I have original paperwork for it and everything like that and it’s just a shame. I was wanting to sell it and now, you know,” said Jolliff. Vandals left her car badly dented and with chips out of a window.

Her neighbor, Fredrick Conway, now keeps his license plate inside his truck, after coming out and realizing his registration sticker had been stolen a few months ago.

“Very frustrating. This is normally a nice neighborhood. I’ve been here going on eight years and I haven’t had any problems down here,” said Conway.

What’s more upsetting, residents said, is that police aren’t showing urgency when it comes to their complaints.

“We haven’t seen a cop car, one, around here all weekend, and we know there are multiple reports," said Jolliff.

However, residents are taking comfort in an effort from their neighbor Brittney Schmidt. She’s been circulating picture of the damage on social media trying to get the word out for her mostly older neighbors who don’t use it.

“I understand the power of social media, they don’t. So I wanted to get it out there and I also wanted to help them. The majority of them are on fixed incomes and they can not afford these repairs," said Schmidt. She’s also set up a GoFundMe page to help with those expenses.

FOX 4 has been told at least two other vehicles were damaged. FOX 4 has reached out, but haven't heard back from KCK police about any leads.

Neighbors said they think the city needs to put up more lighting in the area. They worry if the vandals aren’t caught, they might start moving on to more serious crimes.

If you know anything about the vandalism in the Strawberry Hill area near 5th and Northrop, call police or the TIPS hotline at (816) 474 TIPS.

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