Video shows kitten’s rescue from Grandview foundation drain

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LINWOOD, Kan. -- A kitten is alive tonight thanks to a plumber, a tow truck driver, and a computer repairman. She spent two days in a foundation drain until a Facebook group filled with men with some ingenuity found a way to get her out.

“There was a post to The Man Cave Shop and Swap about a cat that was down a well," Chris Malcolm recalled.

"It was posted 6 hours earlier, so I scroll down to the bottom and figure I’d find out how it turned out and I found out they were still trying to get it out,” he said with amazement.

The cat was in Grandview, Mo. Chris was in Gardner, Kan. It was after dark Sunday night. But he started gathering supplies, as did David Williams.

“I saw the post come across 'Help we have a kitten stuck in a pipe.' I’m sitting here running around ideas in my head, and I’ve like I’ve got three shovels.”

The group's administrator happened to be a plumber, but could see several other agencies had tried and failed to get the kitten out of the pipe in a window well about 13 feet below.

“I had my doubts whether we were really going to be able to do anything,” Jeremy Whited admitted.

But soon the three men were at the woman’s home, equipped with the camera Whited usually use for pipe and sewer inspections. They also had Malcolm's fish tape and blow string, used to route wiring in walls.

“I don’t think me or Jeremy or Chris were going to leave until the cat came out of the pipe one way or the other,” Williams said.

“We coaxed it back 2 or 3 feet, then we finally stuck the fish tape in and was able to snag it on the tail and pull it out,” Whited said.

The woman who had heard the kitten cries for days, was overwhelmed.

"Oh you poor baby," she exclaimed as the kitten meowed loudly as she reached the surface.

“It’s all about helping people and that’s what we need to see a lot more of in the world today,” Williams explained.

The plumber with a big heart decided the kitten would become part of his family.

“I went to Walmart last night at 2 in the morning, bought formula and some shampoo, came home and gave it a bath and something to eat and it’s doing awesome now," he said.

Whited hasn't decided on a name for the kitten yet. He likes "Tunnel Rat" and a couple others, but the popular suggestion on the Facebook group is "Piper."

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