Some in Belton wait weeks to have their trash picked up

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BELTON, Mo. -- From the waving flags to the hanging flower pots, Belton's Main Street has never looked better. Until you look at Linda Medlin's house. There's an overflowing dumpster in front of her three rental properties because the trash hasn't been picked up in five weeks.

"This is ridiculous," Medlin said. "It's a health issue."

She pays $400 a year to the trash company WCA -- formerly Town and County Disposal. She said she's called so often to complain that she no longer even needs to tell the woman answering the phone her address.

"I just give her my name and she knows what to look up," Medlin said.

She said every phone calls ends in a promise that her trash woes will be solved "tomorrow." But tomorrow never comes.

The trash pile in front of her properties has become so enormous she was worried she would be cited by the city. But a city official told her not to worry because she's not the only one having problems with WCA. Trash is also piling up on the other side of town where Joy Fracek lives.

"Tomorrow it will be two weeks," said Fracek as she stood on her street which is lined with overflowing trash cans.Some of her neighbors have given up waiting.

"My neighbor had a garbage can in his truck this morning," Fracek said. She assumed he was hauling to a place where the trash actually gets picked up.

Fracek has also called WCA to complain as well as the city. But a city official told her there is little it can do because trash service in Belton is private. Homeowners can choose from one of four companies. WCA customers said they'd switch companies but have already paid for their service in advance.

A Belton city offiical told Problem Solvers that the city is concerned about the issue and has decided to take over trash service some time next year. The city will contract with a single company to haul trash for all city residents. That way if the job doesn't get done, the city will have the authority to solve the problem.

Fox 4 Problem Solvers called WCA to find out why there are so many delays with trash pick up. We never heard back, but a few hours after calling -- Belton's trash was finally picked up.