Metro woman accuses KCK apartment complex of refusing to fix serious maintenance problems

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A metro woman is accusing a KCK apartment complex of scamming its tenants by refusing to fix serious maintenance problems.

Now former and current tenants want to warn others about Stonehedge Townhomes.

“When I got out of the shower, I heard leaking downstairs, so I came downstairs, and it was just pouring on top of my furniture,” said Lakeisha Allen, a former tenant of Stonehedge Townhomes.

Imagine moving into a new home and every time you take a shower it rains in your living room.

That’s exactly what 27-year-old Keisha Allen said happened after she moved into Stonehedge Townhomes in KCK.

“I said, hey, there’s a leak in my ceiling, coming from my shower, do you have another unit? I just moved in, it hasn’t even been a week,” Allen said.

Allen said the leasing manager sent a maintenance man to fix it.

“He was like, ‘They need a contractor, the tub needs to be replaced,’ instead they keep trying to send him to do a patch up job, and he’s telling them that no patch up job can be done,” Allen said. “Nothing has been fixed.”

Allen moved in in February of this year with her two-year-old daughter.

“I keep complaining every time I pay rent, I go inside there, I tell them, ‘Hey, this is still an issue here.’ Now my daughter has been getting sick constantly since I’ve been living here, because of all the mold,” Allen added.

She said she complained to Wilhoit Properties, which manages Stonehedge Townhomes, but got no response.

She moved out last month because she said it was unlivable.

But now she's worried her credit will be ruined because the apartment complex is suing her for breaking her lease.

“The lady in the office told me she’s tired of people complaining about things going on in maintenance, that it’s not her problem,” said Allen.

Allen paid $730 a month, and said she didn’t move out sooner because she kept being promised it would be fixed.

“Enough is enough,” Allen said.

One neighbor said the people who lived in Allen’s apartment before had the same issue.

“They had a maintenance man come in, cover that layer, and she was moved in within two weeks,” said Dreshonda Smith, a current tenant of Stonehedge Townhomes.

“They want to keep collecting rent, but don’t want to fix anything. They keep running over people, hardworking people, who pay their rent, and have no problem paying rent,” Allen said, “We keep getting screwed over, and that’s not right.”

Bob Williams, the V.P. of Property Management at Wilhoit Properties told FOX 4’s Melissa Stern the company is investigating and will get any problems corrected. He said this is not how they operate.

However, it could be a judge who makes the final decision. Both sides meet in court Monday.

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