Jason Statham says history of martial arts helped him reprise role in “The Mechanic: Resurrection”

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Jason Statham is one of the biggest action stars in the world, and in the film "The Mechanic: Resurrection" he reprises his roles as the hit man. Statham says his background in martial arts helped him succeed in the role.

"For sure it helps me do some of the activities that they put me in," Statham said. "That kind of aerial awareness has all been built from an early age for me. A lot of the flight sequences I end up doing have all been helped along the way with some of the martial arts I did when I was, you know, 18,19-years old. It all helps. You just put it all together, and it gives you the confidence you need."

Statham says his only secret to succeeding in action roles is to work with the right people.