KC Water Services introduces new, free program to help customers avoid flooding

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When heavy rain moves through, there’s a chance some will see flooding in their basement and that could lead to sewage problems. KC Water Services introduced a new program on Thursday to help customers avoid future flooding.

When sump pump, gutters and yard drains are not properly connected, heavy rains can cause an overflow of the pipes, causing sewage to spill out and flow into area streams and rivers. Rainwater also gets into the wastewater system, which drives up the costs for the city to clean that water.

With the new program, KC Water Services will send a team to your house to check out the plumbing connections to your gutters and sump pump.

The process takes about 15 minutes, and it’s completely free.

If they find any drainage problems, they’ll send a plumber out to fix it,  and for a short time, those services, too, will be free.

If you live along the 435 loop south of I-70 or in the Northland surrounding Gladstone, you can take part in this $250-million project.

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This is a six-year program with the free plumbing services only lasting a short time.

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