Joe’s Weather Blog: Floods to nothing (SAT-8/27)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good afternoon…what a crazy night last night with severe weather then localized KC flooding conditions thanks to 3-6″ of rain coming down in about 2 hours or less in a very tropical atmosphere. A tornado touchdown was reported in Lathrop (or near Lathrop) with some tree damage being the major issue it appears. Storms were rotating and the only question was whether anything could sustain itself to come towards the ground.

For KC however, as we watched all that we were setting up for flooding thanks to training storms. downtown KC had the 11th highest rain total ever for a day in their weather history which goes back to the 1880s. Think of the 10’s of thousands of days that went by for that to happen. Pretty impressive.

While not as active there still may be more storms out there this afternoon/evening as we heat up.


Rest of today: Clouds/sunshine with scattered storms possible after 3PM. Highs today in the 85-90° range

Tonight: Evening storms should fade but other scattered storms could form AM Sunday. Lows near 70

Sunday: Variable clouds with another chance of AM rain then later PM storms. Mostly a dry day however. Highs near 90°

Monday: Same story…muggy as well.


Last night was impressive as the rains came down fast and hard for parts of the metro. The activity though didn’t affect the whole of KC. For example many areas south of 435-470 didn’t get much rain at all. That though is a general statement. at least at my house…after getting dumped on the night before…we got under 1/10″ or so. While other places from the Plaza region northwards got it good.

Karli Ritter was in Westport watching the whole thing unfold. Here videos on Twitter were trending for awhile as the flooding was getting worse and worse.

It was pretty crazy there for a while…

Before that came the severe storms…including a tornado touchdown in Lathrop. Some tree limb damage was reported but at this point I haven’t seen any pics or videos. It was getting pretty dark though as this was unfolding. Quincy shot this funnel cloud…it was the same storm that continued to evolve and produce that tornado towards Lathrop, MO

Meanwhile this morning another weakening complex moved mostly towards the NW of KC. This sent out a dramatic shelf cloud that moved through KC. The timing with the rising sun to the east and the clouds coming in from the WNW was dramatic. Here is a shot as the cloud was moving into KC

another with it moving through…

Rain totals from last night were impressive…and now over the past few days some have had over 10″ of rain!

As far as today goes…we definitely have some boundaries out there and as we heat up into the upper 80s or so…the atmosphere won’t be capped. So some convection wouldn’t surprise me. We still have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere as the combination of gulf moisture and monsoonal moisture has the atmosphere loaded up.


Atmospheric moisture content

So really IF we don’t get anything this afternoon…there could be something scattered even overnight. At this point widespread activity is not expected…I don’t see any strong waves coming towards us…but this potential needs to be watched.

We’re basically in this through Tuesday.

Oh and it’s snowing in some of the mountains in CO today.

Our feature photo comes from STARFIRE SUE from Springdale, KS…we all need a rainbow sometimes!



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