Many still dealing with aftermath of Friday’s flooding in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Mo -- Drivers are devastated looking at what's left after Friday's flooding in Westport, dozens of cars ruined.

Many areas of the metro flooded quickly Friday night, leaving drivers stranded. One of the hardest hit was the World Market parking lot near Westport Road and Mill street.

"We just parked here, walked up and went to a couple bars."

It was a normal Friday night, Rachel Peters was out in Westport with some friends when flash flood alerts started lighting up their phones.

"A friend of mine had also parked here and he came running down and said his car was underwater. I knew that meant mine was too," Peters said.

Rachel and a friend ran back out to her car in the World Market parking lot and she couldn't believe her eyes.

"My car was completely submerged," she said.

Water was up to her steering wheel, along with several others. Dozens were left with no form of transportation.

"A friend texted me like I hope you didn't go because it's flooding out there. I found out when I looked outside my car is underwater," Deairra Trent said.

24 hours later, mud covered the parking lot as drivers attempted to air out their cars.

"This is a bummer! Day ruined for sure," Peters said.

World Market was filled with fans and standing water, shut down for the day on Saturday.

This lot is a common parking spot for Westport patrons. Drivers hope Friday night's flooding will spark a change.

"I think this is an ongoing problem they had before knowing that there definitely needs to be a sign or they need to shut it down."

FOX 4 did reach out to World Market about the flooding, but they had no comment.

Drivers affected are working to figure out who owns the lot. They're hoping insurance will help cover their loss.