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Kaw Point Park adds more security cameras with hopes that it will help reduce vandalism

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A popular metro park is taking steps to deal with recent vandalism.

Kaw Point Park will begin adding new security cameras to cut down on crime.

Three cameras have already been installed to scan the front parking lot. Five additional cameras will be placed along the lower level of the park.

The park is a popular place that brings hundreds of visitors every day, but the daily vandalism has left organizers feeling frustrated.

Volunteers helped open the park back in 2003. Every day volunteers visit the park to pick up trash and keep the area clean.

North Point Development partnered with the park to help donate the new cameras.

"We try to look for the positive side and we are going to have those cameras up here so that anyone doing anything will be spotted," Kaw Point Park spokesperson Mike Calwell said.

Leaders with Kaw Point Park hope this will make the park a greater area for hiking and biking activities and hope the cameras will help make people feel more secure.