Joe’s Weather Blog: Perfect summer weather in KC (THU-9/1)

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Good morning. Fabulous out there to start our Thursday as cooler and drier air has worked into the KC area as I’ve been predicting since this past weekend. Lows this morning were down into the 50s and we’ll drop into the 50s a couple of more mornings before the warmth really comes back. Enjoy this string of Top 10 Summer Days in KC!


Today: Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs near 80°

Tonight: Fair and cool with lows in the 50s

Friday: Mostly sunny with highs near 80°

The weekend: Getting warmer on Sunday with highs 85°


Summer isn’t over according to the calendar but from a meteorological standpoint…today we turn the page into Fall. Yesterday I talked abut the various stats of summer in KC…don’t really need to go down that road again but here is a nice recap graphic showing where we are from a data standpoint for August/summer/year.


We have some great weather heading towards the weekend…we’ll start to warm up on Sunday and may nudge 90° for Labor Day. Right now the rain chances look rather minimal through the weekend. Something isolated may form on Monday as the dew points increase again. Morning lows will be coming up as well as the higher moisture comes back a the surface too.

So our weather is settling down nicely.

Meanwhile our weather eyes are trained towards the tropics where tropical storm Hermine is going to come ashore in FL sometime today. it’s not out of the question that it could briefly attain hurricane status right before landfall in NW FL.


Many of you may think that it’s a somewhat “common” seasonal issue for FL to be struck by a hurricane…perhaps every few years or so…well they are going through a hurricane “drought” there.

That really is an amazing stat.

As Hermine potentially goes near or up the eastern seaboard…it may act more like a nor’easter. That means the potential of coastal flooding and strong winds (35-50 MPH+) are possible up towards the mid-Atlantic coastline and even potentially towards the NE part of the country. Let’s see what happens with that or if it goes more offshore. If it doesn’t though…it could be a miserable holiday weekend for many areas back east.

While the winds will be an issue…again storm surge in the Big Bend area of FL is a great concern as well. That area is VERY vulnerable to this because of the shape of the coastline and the angle the system will be coming in from. A lot of water is going to come crashing ashore with the arrival of the storm…whether it’s a strong tropical storm or a weak hurricane.

Looking back about 10 years…there was a tropical storm that came in on a similar path…

Meanwhile here are some current radar animations.

Flooding rain will also be a huge issue with this…


Meanwhile our feature photo is a pretty sunrise the other morning from the @PeopleOfCowtown


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