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Parents livid, concerned for kids’ safety after drivers drop them off at wrong bus stops

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two parents say bus drivers dropped off their kids in the wrong neighborhood.

The neighborhood, east of Troost, is not the safest but it’s home for Amanda Ruth. She can point out where Kansas City’s ninth homicide victim of 2016 died less than a block away. In the other direction, she recalled another murder.

"Anything could happen to a kid on this block. He could’ve been kidnapped, he could’ve been killed," said Amanda Ruth.

Ruth said her 8-year-old son with special needs never showed up at his bus stop Tuesday after school. She didn’t know where he was until she phoned the bus company, First Student. She later found out her Benjamin was dropped off at the house, alone for 45 minutes.

"I was livid. I was shaking and I was crying when they finally told me where he was, I picked up my other kids and I ran," she said.

The same thing happened to Connie Jackson’s first grader two weeks ago. She said the arrangement was for her to pick up her 6-year-old at Operation Breakthrough. Jackson waited for an hour until her neighbor told her she found Hayden crying outside the house for an hour.

"I started crying. It’s almost 100 degrees outside. He’s thirsty, he’s hungry. What if decides to walk off and go to his grandma’s house around the corner and he gets kidnapped. He had to cross the street twice to get to my house. What if he got hit by a car," she said.

Both parents say now they’re worried about their children’s safety every day.

"Anything could happen to a child left alone here," said Ruth.

First Student launched an internal review. It said the driver involved was re-trained. Students are not allowed to get off at a stop without a parent or guardian present.

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