Prairie Village city council decides to continue imposing pit bull ban

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- An effort to end a pit bull ban in Prairie Village ended in defeat last night.

Those who run dog shelters are expressing disappointment in this decision because they often take in pit bull mixes all the time, and this ban makes it even harder for them to adopt them out to a good family.

Great Plains SPCA tweeted last night that they, "are disappointed that Prairie Village voted to keep breed specific legislation despite their citizens asking to end it."

Many Prairie Village residents wanted the city council to change the law from a pit bull ban to a ban on all dangerous dogs.

Pit bull supporters argue that this breed is not inherently dangerous. They say many can be loving, kind family pets, and they argue it’s bad owners who make pit bulls dangerous. They also argue that banning one breed is not fair when many other breeds can also be dangerous.

In the end, the majority of the city council decided pit bulls posed too big a threat to the community to pull the ban.

Other cities in the metro still enforcing a pit bull ban include Leawood, Overland Park and Wyandotte County on the Kansas side, along with Independence, Excelsior Springs and Liberty on the Missouri side.

Earlier this year, Missouri lawmakers tried to pass a law banning cities from banning pit bulls, but that effort failed to pass.

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