Q39 shares some of their favorite recipes including one not yet on the menu

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Q39 is ranked ninth on Business Insider's "50 Best BBQ joints in America." Since it opened two-years ago, it has quickly become one of Kansas City's favorite bbq restaurants. Executive chef Rob Magee visited FOX 4 with a few of his favorite recipes, including one that's not on the menu yet.

Q39 Triple Threat Pork Sandwich

1ea. Egg bun
5 oz sausage patty
2 oz pulled pork
2 oz smoked pork belly sliced
1 oz Q39 zesty BBQ sauce
1 oz apple coleslaw

Prepare ingredients:
• Toast egg bun on griddle with butter until golden brown
• Grill sausage patty until 155 degrees
• Season and grill pork belly until charred and hot

• Place sausage patty on bottom of egg bun
• Put pulled pork on top of sausage patty
• Add zesty sauce
• Place pork belly on pulled pork
• Add apple coleslaw
• Top with other ½ of egg bun

Eat and enjoy!

Q39 Smoked Pork Shoulder

1 pork shoulder 7 lbs
2 cups water
2 cups ice water
1 qt apple juice
½ cup kosher salt
¼ cup sugar white granulated (could use brown sugar or some molasses instead)
1/3 cup apple juice

1. Trim pork shoulder.
2. Dilute sugar and salt in water over med heat, remove from stove.
3. Add 2 cups ice water and apple juice and make sure brine is cool.
4. Pour brine mixture our over pork until submerged and brine pork for 12 hours.
5. Remove pork from brine and discard brine.
6. Pat the meat dry and season with ½ cup Q39 pork seasoning.
7. Place in smoker at 250 degrease for 4.5 to 5 hours, until meat temperature is approximately 155 degrees.
8. Wrap in foil with 1/3 cup apple juice
9. Cook additionally for approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours until meat temperature is 188 degrees.
10. Remove from smoker and let rest 1 hour (covered or uncovered)
11. Reserve Jus and skim off the fat.

To Serve: Pull or slice pork and add just and a touch of rub to taste


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