FOX 4 chats with Shailene Woodley, star of ‘Snowden’

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LOS ANGELES -- FOX 4's Shawn Edwards sat down with Shailene Woodley, star of the film "Snowden," based on the real life events of intelligence specialist Edward Snowden, who famously leaked information on the National Security Agency's vast surveillance activities.

Woodley, largely known for her leading role as Tris in the "Divergent" film series said she was motivated to take on the project for her own personal interest in Edward Snowden's story.

In "Snowden," the 24-year-old actress plays Snowden's girlfriend Lindsay Mills. Woodley said the role was a bit intimidating, as it is her first time playing the part of a real life person, and she didn't get a chance to meet Mills until 3 months after filming began.

"Snowden" is now in theaters. See the trailer below.