Mom begs for her life while 12-year-old son fires 3 shots at her, police say

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WAYNESBORO, Ga. — A mother was within inches of likely death, police say, after her 12-year-old son fired three bullets at her as she begged him to stop.

“She pleaded with him for about 20 minutes begging him not to kill her before he finally gave her the gun,” lead investigator Sgt. Dedric Smith said.

Officers say the gun was stored in his parents’ room and belonged to his father. It was from there that investigators say he fired his first shot.

“He shot through the door, the bedroom door,” Sgt. Smith said. “He was in the bedroom and she was in the kitchen area sitting at the table, and the shot basically just went over the top of her head.”

Investigator Smith says the boy wrapped a towel around the gun to try to muffle the sound. He says then the boy opened up the bedroom door and fired another shot, but that one missed, too.

“I guess it was by the grace of God that it was an inch or two upward instead of downward. If it would have been more downward, it would have hit her in the back of the head because she was sitting at the table eating dinner,” Sgt. Smith said.

The two weren’t even in the same room. She would have never seen it coming. The boy is now in custody, facing charges of aggravated assault.

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