New football team coming to KC and you have the chance to name the team

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local pro hall-of-famer and former Chiefs player wants to see the sport he loves so much played year round so he's helping bring a new team to the metro.

The area football team, which will be partly owned by Will Shields,  will be part of a midwest league that formed three years ago.

"I love the sport," Shields said. "I love the game. I love being a part of it. And also having a facility, being able to try to bring this to fruition to have guys training in the facility all your long as well as getting ready for a season again. To me, it's very important to try to keep our sport alive and relative each week of the month as we can."

There are currently 16 teams in the league. The players consist of former pro football players and semi-pro players trying to make it to the NFL.

The last time Kansas City had an arena team was 2012, the Kansas City Command.

The season will run from February through June.

"The idea is for the fans to come and enjoy themselves from the time they hit the parking lot," said Dr. Ken Vehec with the Kansas City Arena Football Club. "We'll have bounce houses, we'll have activities, food trucks. The idea is to have people enjoy themselves from the time they get there, go in and watch the game and during the game for timeouts we'll bring fans onto the field and they'll have competitions sort of like they do in minor-league baseball."

The big question of where the new arena team play would play remains. So does the name of the team.

In the next 10 days a contest will launch to name the team. FOX 4 will provide those details once they become available.


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