Joe’s Weather Blog: Finally some quiet time in KC (SAT-9/17)

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Well I had a feeling while I was away at a weather conference that it was going to be difficult to put any weather blogs together and I was right. I spent about a week in Norfolk, Virginia at the National Weather Association conference. I was the only KC TV meteorologist to attend. There were about 500 others there and about 125 broadcasters. There are 2 different weather associations. The AMS and the NWA. It just so happens the AMS conference for broadcasters will be in KC in June of 2017. So for a few days there will be about 150 or so fellow broadcasters in KC next summer.

The conference was rewarding from a networking standpoint…from a learning standpoint and also from a graphical standpoint. Our weather graphics vendor was there and it was good to go through some training that I could pass along to the staff over the next month or so.

With all that said it was a warm and muggy time there. While back home it was warm and wet again. We’ve had quite a bit of rain over the past couple of months…and it appears we’re going to dry out (mostly) over the next week or so. As one looks at the model data you can see that the jet stream is starting to strength and come back southwards (in the big picture) and as the days become shorter (here and elsewhere) and the nights get longer and the atmosphere overall cools down we start to see more significant temperature variations develop. Then as disturbances move through the atmosphere they tap into the temperature variations and help move air masses around the hemispheres.

In a nutshell the seasons are changing and Fall starts this coming Thursday at around 9:15 AM. This week though may remind you more of summer than fall. At least for the work week. Temperatures will be above average and humidity levels will also be more summer-ish.

Highs are expected to be in the 80s with the potential of a few 90°+ areas around western MO and eastern KS. Needless to say nicely above average. The month is more than 1/2 done and we’re running about 1.5° above average thus far…we should really add to that this week as not only will the highs be above average but the overnight lows are going to come up as well…

Despite a couple of cool shots of air moving southwards…there doesn’t appear to be much oomph behind the air masses that move through…so temperatures may come down a bit…but will remain above average for the week.

As a matter of fact take a look at the GFS model data for the next 10 days…I’ve drawn in the avg highs (79°>74°) and lows (57°>52°)


GFS model forecast through the 27th. You can see a change in air masses sometime heading towards next weekend

Also drier weather will settle in. While I can’t rule out some isolated rains…nothing widespread is expected.

On the subject of moisture…plenty of that over the past 30 days in the region as you can see below.


Apprx. rainfall in the last 30 days

You can see our area has been more or less in the max of the heaviest rains. There are local higher totals as well.

Our feature photo of the blog today is from @Kassia10 via twitter. HS football sunset in DeSoto, KS last night. we’ve had a ton of great pictures sent in this month…thanks for taking the time to think of me/all of us!





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