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Dog owner wonders whether stigma surrounding breed led to her pit bull getting shot and killed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City police are investigating after a pet pit bull was shot in the face and killed early Monday morning.

The gunfire rang out a little after 1 a.m., just feet away from his owner's home in the 8300 block of E. 107th Street on the South side of the city.

Carletta was hopeful her beloved pet would pull through; but hours after Boaz got shot, she found herself having to say goodbye.

“I cried today,” Carletta said of suddenly losing her pet, “and I thought about it all day, just hoping that he would live, but he didn’t.”

It was unbelievably tough for her to part ways with Boaz, a 1-year-old adopted pit bull who was shot in the face and left for dead.

Carletta spent her last minutes with him to say, “That I took care of you the best I could and I’m sorry that I wasn`t there at that particular moment… because we are responsible for our animals. Our animals are like little children.”

It was a special bond that was broken when Carletta let Boaz – who is one of her three dogs – out in her sprawling, 5-acre backyard to do his business before bed.

“I know that we have that leash law, but I don`t want to cage up my animals,” she said, explaining she often lets her dogs run around her property, but rarely lets them out of her sight.

But Carletta admitted for just a few minutes that morning, she lost track of Boaz – then heard a gunshot and found him lying near the side of the road.

“He was shot in the face, up under the right eye and the bullet ended up in the back of the neck,” she said.

With a neighbor's help, Carletta loaded him into the back of her truck and drove to the animal hospital, but he didn't make it.

“I just couldn`t believe that he had been shot,” she said in disbelief, “because he was a pit bull, but he wasn`t that type of aggressive pit bull. I`ve never seen Boaz be aggressive to anyone.”

Still, she can’t help but wonder if the stigma surrounding his breed was partly to blame.

“People are scared of pit bulls,” she said. “I mean, pit bulls have a bad rap.”

Carletta is now left with countless questions as she mourns the loss of her furry friend.

“I just know that the person that shot my dog, they know who they are, and I have already forgiven them,” she said.

“I’m not going to live in fear and I’m not going to live holding a grudge about what someone has done that I feel that wasn’t right.”

Police are now investigating this as an animal cruelty case, but have yet to make any arrests. If you saw anything or know who is responsible, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

Even though Boaz did not survive, Carletta must still pay the veterinarian who tried to save his life. If you’d like to help her pay the $600 for his medical bills, click here.