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Neighbors shocked and saddened to see historic home in Old Northeast go up in flames

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A home rich in history, and on its way to a renewal, is in ruins and fire investigators are trying to figure out why.

The Old Northeast home sits across from the Kansas City museum and went up in flames early Monday morning, and neighbors say it's a huge loss.

“I was out for my morning run, as I passed the museum I could see flames coming up from the roof,” said Kent Dicus.

Neighbors are shocked and saddened that a home built in the 1800's was consumed by flames early Monday morning.

I just saw kind of a glow behind there and I know the houses back here and I just happen to know the owners here and I didn't want it to be a fire but by the time I got around here and saw more smoke I realized there was probably a fire going on,” said Gabe Cranz, another neighbor. “I called 911 even before I got around the corner. There shouldn't of been any glow or Amber or smoke up here at this time a day.”

Firefighters battled the blaze all morning, while the owners of the home-made their way from their other home.

“It's an amazing home. It's a beautiful home,” said  Battalion Chief Brian England, with the Kansas City Fire Department. “I talked to the owners and they spent a lot of money remodeling it and they said it was pretty much done. They had completely remodeled it and they entertain here regularly on weekends so it is a shame because it is an amazing building. A beautiful part of Kansas City history that unfortunately got destroyed.”

“Susan Summers and Larry Radar, they bought the home four or five years ago, and it was in very bad shape then, and since then, they really worked hard to restore it,” added Dicus.

“This house was originally built by the namesake of the neighborhood, Scarritt Renaissance, William Scarritt back in the 1800s, it`s one of the most historic homes in the neighborhood,” Cranz said.

“They really respected that history, and have done a lot of research and tried to restore it, to where it looked as original as possible, and just did an amazing job doing it,” Dicus added.

The owners spent the afternoon trying to salvage what they could.

“We`ve been very proud of this house in this neighborhood, this is a sad sight, very sad sight,” said Cranz.

“It's one of the landmark homes in the area for sure. You know it is a tragedy and a big setback but we will get through it and hopefully there is something with the home they can be saved and potentially rebuilt and if anyone can do it, it's Larry and Susan,” said Dicus.

The owners declined an interview, but spent the day taking what wasn't ruined out of their home. Firefighters say the fire damage is mostly on the second floor. The first floor has heavy water damage.

A dollar amount of damage hasn't been determined, and because it's so extensive, a cause of the fire may never be known.