Tech expert Rich DeMuro steps into the world of podcasts

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Rich DeMuro is stepping into the world of podcasts. He talked to veteran podcaster Tom Merritt about the genre. "They’ve been declared dead several times until someone else comes along and discovers them," said Merritt, who hosts several shows including the popular "Daily Tech News Show" from his home based studio in Los Angeles.

"Anyone can start a podcast you really only need a computer, internet connection and a mic," explained Merritt.

Podcasts can be audio or video, and once you subscribe, new episodes are delivered right to your device - usually a smartphone. The name comes from the days when iPods made it possible to download audio shows to listen to later.

To get them, you need an app. Apple devices have an app called "Podcasts" pre-installed. You can subscribe to show using it or download another podcast app. There are lots of them. Merritt recommends Downcast or Pocketcast, I like the app named Overcast.

So how do podcasters make money? Generally shows are supported by fans or advertising. Merritt uses  crowdfunding site called Patreon where subscribers "pledge" a certain amount each month to help him produce the show. This can be as little as a dollar.

"Nobody’s figured out exactly how to make money on podcasts quite yet, but there are a lot of different ways to try," said Merritt.

You can find out the latest tech news in Rich's podcast Tech Smart: America On Demand. Each episode will be featuring a startup that's taking the Uber approach to something - flowers, massages, car washes, dog walking, food delivery and more. Give it a listen and subscribe.