Woman robbed at convenience store by group of kids asking for money for candy

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KANSAS CITY, Mo, -- A group of kids asking a woman for money for candy at a convenience store in Kansas City ended up robbing her.

FOX 4's John Pepitone was at 59th and Prospect where the crime happened.

Police said they have three kids in custody, but said as many as eight may be involved. The victim said she was approached by three kids, none older than 12-years-old, at a convenience store at about 9 p.m. Sunday asking for money for candy.

After talking to them for a while, she decided to open her purse. That's when she realized three more young people were approaching.

"After talking to them for a little bit, she felt comfortable enough to give them money, and as she was opening up her purse, that's when they robbed her," said Darin Snapp with the Kansas City Police Department.

Police said the group used force to take all of the money from the woman's purse, as well as a .38 caliber handgun that she had in her possession.

The victim said she saw one of the suspects get in a car as the group ran away, and when officers arrived that same car returned to the area.

That's how police were able to arrest the three that they do have in custody.

Neighbors said it's not unusual for groups of young people to walk the streets there, and that it's also not unusual for those kids to ask people for money.