Homeowner swings bat at suspect during home invasion that led to police chase

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One homeowner says he feared for his life when a man with a gun broke down his door. That's what led police on a chase Wednesday that resulted in the suspects flipping their car.

“What's going through my head? Nothing other than pushing this individual out of my house,” Marlon, the homeowner, who asked not to give his last name or show his face to our cameras, said on Wednesday morning.

It started in the quiet Kansas City neighborhood of Waldo. The victim said he was still in bed when a man tried to break into his home shortly before 11 a.m.

Marlon is a nightshift worker, and said he doesn’t answer the door unless he’s expecting a guest.

The suspects eventually led Kansas City Police officers on a wild chase, which covered over 10 miles, and ended at 87th and Raytown Road, where, according to police, two men with guns flipped their car into a ditch and one of them ran away on foot. The other man, who was taken to the hospital, was later arrested.

“The possibilities are endless as to what could have happened,” Marlon told reporters.

“[The doorbell ringing] was nonstop pulsating: ring, ring, ring, -- pause three seconds -- ring, ring, ring,” Marlon demonstrated.

Marlon said he looked outside to see who was there. Before he could answer the door, a man kicked it in, and Marlon came up swinging a baseball bat. The two were fighting on the driveway when Marlon said the man pulled a gun, forcing Marlon to surrender.

“I told him to take whatever you need out of the house. You know,” Marlon said.

Marlon said the gunman and his partner, who observed from the driveway’s edge, drove off in a white four-door car.

“I have no reason to think anyone's after me. I have no reason to suspect I'm associated with someone who's looking to capitalize off something I have in my possession,” Marlon said.

Kansas City Police Capt. Todd Marckx said an officer spotted the two men in their car shortly thereafter, and officers chased them to Raytown Road. When they crashed their car, one man was taken to the hospital. The other ran off, fleeing from officers on foot.

Another neighbor told FOX 4 News someone rang his doorbell in similar fashion about the same time on Wednesday morning. Marlon said this can't happen in his neighborhood because families shouldn't have to live in fear.

As of 6 p.m. Wednesday, Kansas City police are still looking for the man who ran from that crash, according to KCPD Sgt. Kari Thompson.

If you have information that can help track him down, please call the TIPS Hotline. That number is 816-474-TIPS.