Shawnee woman helped by trooper when she ran out of gas on turnpike, killed two hours later by semi

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ANDOVER, Kan. -- A 50-year-old Shawnee, Kan., woman died Wednesday afternoon shortly after a Kansas State trooper had helped her as she was stranded on the turnpike.

Authorities say they found the woman stranded on the turnpike after she'd apparently run out of gas. The trooper gave her two gallons of gas.

"It's not something KHP normally does, but because of the area and the terrain and services that are out here, our biggest goal is safety and getting people on the road, and off the side of the road where it's dangerous," Lt. John Lehnherr with the Kansas Highway Patrol Turnpike Division, told KWCH-TV.

However, two hours later she was killed when she stopped again along the busy turnpike, pulled out from traffic, and was hit by a semi hauling rocks.

Officials say she had passed at least two gas stations before the deadly crash.  The woman has been identified as Luvenia Lewis of Shawnee.