Neighbors say speeding is a problem in area of deadly crash at Blue Valley Park

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro neighborhood shaken up after a car went flying into a lake just beyond neighbors’ front yards. A man in his 20's was pronounced dead at Bales Lake on Friday night. The crash happened on Friday night near 23rd and Topping at Blue Valley Park, and left another man in critical condition.

Police say the driver was speeding and crashed into Bales Lake, the sound of emergency responders shaking neighbor June Pearson awake.

“The wailing of sirens and police officers coming to aide. It looked like a war zone. There were fire trucks, there were ambulances, there were police cars the street was blocked off, it was horrible,” she described.

Neighbors watched from their yards as water rescue teams headed into the lake. Police say a car was traveling at high speeds down Topping, when it crashed into Bales Lake. Neighbors FOX 4 talked to say speeding into the area has become a big problem and with small children at nearly every home along the road, some are scared to even let them play outside.

“It could be your grandchild or your great grandchild trying to cross the street. Thank god there wasn't a child involved in this. That is the only thing, I woke up grateful there was not a child involved,” Pearson said.

Neighbors say there used to be signs up and down Topping, telling drivers to slow down but they were tagged with gang graffiti.

“The city has come out numerous times to replace them,” Pearson said.

But each time, Pearson says the signs have been ripped out and stolen. Neighbors were devastated to hear someone lost their life. Now more than ever, they hope drivers will slow down.

“No life should be taken for granted, we all count,” she said.

Although the survivor is listed in critical condition, police say he was speaking with responders on the way to the hospital Friday night.