Suspected drunk driver fleeing from traffic stop plows through Independence restaurant

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence business owner is hoping for a miracle, or perhaps some help from the community.

Police say a man fleeing a traffic stop drove a car right through his restaurant off 24 Highway and Arlington. Now, the restaurant owner isn`t sure what to do next.

"My people love what I do, and if they don't love what I do I would not last 25 years," Riad Kattan said.

Kattan has fed folks at Grampa’s Café for decades, but has only been at the 24 Highway location for three years. It`s with mixed emotions he`s realizing his business has come to an indefinite end.

"I feel a tear in one eye, and laughter in my other eye," he said.

During what would normally be a busy lunch rush for Kattan, he spent Saturday afternoon surveying damage after police say 40-year-old Mikilos Guinn drove a car through the cafe about 1:30 Saturday morning.

Guinn has been charged with first degree property damage, resisting a lawful stop, assault on an officers, and a DWI charge. Police say he fled during a traffic stop.

When looking at the impact, Kattan counts himself lucky the crash happened when no one was there.

“My dining room would be filled and I would have been in the front. I would be dead, and I would have my customers gone, and for that reason only, I'm so happy," he said.

Kattan was a tenant, and the owner of the property currently has no plans to rebuild. Because the car that plowed through it was stolen, Kattan may not be able to collect insurance money.

Now he`s hoping for community support.

"I am willing to serve you again. I need your help," he said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe, click on this link for more information.