Family, friends of KC homicide victim felt disrespected, but police say they understood their grief

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Family members of a homicide victim say they`re heartbroken, and not just because of the death of their loved one.

They say police and security guards were hostile and disrespectful while they were trying to grieve. The incident stems from a deadly overnight shooting near Harrison and Armour Boulevard. Members of the victim`s family, say the way they were treated while trying to honor him was unfair and insulting.

The group gathered in unity to pray and remember 21-year-old Hubert Holmes, who died in that early morning shooting.

"He was loving. He was caring. He just loved to see people laugh and be happy. He was always there for you,” said Michelle Carter, Holmes’ girlfriend.

“Huey was a provider. He made sure none of us ever wanted for anything,” said Holmes’ friend Zakiyyah Lester.

The tragedy has Kendra Dilworth wondering what she'll tell the 3-year-old daughter she has with Holmes.

“She has the rest of her life with no father. She`s another statistic,” she said. "What am I supposed to tell my child?”

Loved ones gathered twice in less than 24 hours since Holmes was killed. They say they were at the scene earlier to place flowers near the spot where Holmes was killed when they were rudely shooed away by police and security guards.

"They didn`t give us no chance to grieve or do nothing. They told us to leave and that our grievance wasn`t important," said Lester.

She says they even hosed down the flowers loved ones placed.

"They wouldn`t treat their own kind like that so I don`t think they should treat us like that,” said Lester.

A spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department says the department is looking into the disturbance call from apartment management after a large group gathered. Police say security apparently refused to let several people in who didn’t live there.  Police say the group left on its own after prayer with no problems or harsh words.

Zakiyyah Lester says it didn't happen that politely.

“He shrugged us off and walked away as if we were nothing," said Lester.

As loved ones consoled one another, they're pleading with the shooter or anyone with information to come forward. Titan Security sent a statement saying they did look into the incident and to their knowledge none of their employees were engaged in a conversation with anyone regarding placement of flowers, nor are they aware of any confrontation at the site.

On Oct. 1, about four days after the family voiced complaints about how they were treated, police released their findings and a statement to FOX 4:

"Central Patrol pulled all audio and video and reviewed each officer who responded in regard to this incident.  At no time did an officer make any inappropriate comments, nor did they say what was alleged..... I truly believe this is a situation where emotions were running high and the apartment’s call to police after refusing entry to non-residents in the building was taken out of context," said Stacey Graves, Kansas City Police Dept. spokesperson, in an email to FOX 4.

"We care about our community, welcome open conversations and strive for peace.  I am thankful for our positive working relationship with the local media and hope situations like these can be avoided.  The story was of a grieving family, not disrespectful comments from police as the headline reads," Graves concluded in the email about the story.

KCPD is asking anyone who feels they were mistreated by an officer to contact the Office of Citizens Complaints. If you know anything about the death of Holmes you're urged to call police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

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