Most Chiefs fans say parking was ‘problem-free’ at Arrowhead

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Two weeks ago countless Kansas City Chiefs fans complained about long lines of traffic, parking delays at Arrowhead Stadium and some said they even missed kickoff for the team's home opener.

However, Sunday afternoon, a much different story.

"It really wasn't an issue for us," said a smiling Dave May.

"We didn't have to sit in a traffic line forever so yeah I'm glad about that," said Danielle May.

The Mays said they steered clear of long traffic tie-ups and parking pains.

"Outside the fact that we just had to loop around after getting off the interstate, there was no issue. I'd say it took us about 15 minutes to hit the first gate and get to our parking space," Dave explained.

The Mays took the Chiefs camp's advice and bought their parking pass online. As a result, Danielle said they avoided paying an additional $10 at the gate and didn't run into any parking problems.

"I think definitely if more people bought it online it will be a much faster process because otherwise you have to stop and fork over cash, fork over a credit card, so that takes longer," Danielle added.

Parking to see the Chiefs play at Arrowhead this season will cost fans $30 if you buy your parking pass online, $40 at the gate. The Chiefs hope pre-paying will make parking a lot easier and faster for football fans. Most of the fans FOX 4 spoke with Sunday said their experience went smoothly.

However, for season ticket holder John Rich, a 30-minute wait made him see red.

"They need to do something. They need more lanes or something. I think it was easier last year getting in and out of here than it has been since they changed all this stuff," Rich said.

Sunday's second home game started at 3:25 p.m. compared to a noon kickoff for the home opener, which may have kept many fans from getting to Arrowhead at the last minute.

Meanwhile, other football fans said standing in line for a porta-potty was more of a pain.

"Yeah, I think parking was easy. Waiting to use one of these things took forever. I think I may have to go behind a car," Chuck Lanzrath joked.

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