Area residents concerned for safety after flashing incident on Trolley Track Trail

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a woman encountered a flasher on a popular trail, there are new concerns from one neighbor who thinks more could be done to improve safety on the trail.

“You see young girls jogging. You see people with babies and strollers, bicyclists at all times a day, and you know, you don't want to see anything bad happen to anyone,” said Connie Ferro , who has lived near the Trolley Track Trail for about a decade.

She said hearing about suspicious activity in this area makes her nervous.

“When I heard about the first flasher attack in May, and it was right in this block area, and now that it's happened again, it kind of concerned me, and I wondered what could be done about it,” Ferro explained.

She said the thick hedge of bush honeysuckle along the trail threatens the safety of those using the trail because it obstructs visibility and creates a hiding place for attackers.

She requested it be cut down.

“This spring, when the growth started back up, I thought, 'it's getting closer and closer to the trail,' so I sent a 311 request, and there wasn't any response to that, and so I emailed the city to ask what they had decided, and I didn't get any response,” Ferro added.

She put her concerns on a community-based website and said other residents have concerns too.

She says she's tried to get this issue addressed at least a half dozen times, emailing the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) directly and submitting multiple 311 requests, but has heard nothing.

“I don't want my neighborhood to get the reputation of a place where women get sexually assaulted on a regular basis. You just want people to know Waldo is a good place,” Ferro said.

KCATA, which owns and maintains the trail, said $140,000 is budgeted for maintaining the 6 miles of the Trolley Track Trail each year.

This includes mowing, tree trimming, and clearing brush. The brush clearing is scheduled for once a year in the fall.

KCATA said the annual work is scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

Emergency locator signs are also being installed along the trail, and other trails in the metro.

The signs include coordinates that can be used by 911 dispatchers. They are scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks.