College friends turn love of soft drinks into new soda business

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Four college students from Independence are setting out to prove that the American Dream is not dead.

They started their own business in a garage and soon graduated into selling their product in stores.

From the patriotic colors to the flag-themed cap, this bottle of soda is the American dream. Well, it’s the dream of four college students from Independence.

Tanner Masters and Mark Driscoll along with two other friends brainstormed ideas in a garage early May. They decided to create their own soda called Atomic Fizz based on their love for carbonated drinks.

After a lot of trial and error, “we tried making a lemon raspberry soda, strawberry, and the mint which did not work out,” said Driscoll.

“By three in the morning, we are all ready to throw up. We all had bellies full of sugar,” added Masters of the night the friends started the company.

They finally landed on the perfect combination. It’s new and unique, a different flavor for everyone. That’s why the two say the business is going to work.

Masters said to “commit all your time to it, all your money, commit, and you can do anything.”

The friends invested less than $7,000 into the business and have not started paying themselves just yet. But they say it’s worth it. If four broke college kids can chase the American dream, anyone can.

Atomic Fizz can be found online or in select stores around Independence.

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