Family on Disneyworld vacation just wants to get home to Missouri

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ORLANDO — A Kansas City north family is ready to come home after a fun, tiring week in Orlando, Fla., but Hurricane Matthew has changed their plans again and again and yet again.

Desiree Brown, her five children and their dad, along with a family friend all left for Orlando on Saturday, Oct 1.  They did it all. Disneyworld, Universal Studios, the Park-Hopper, and Clearwater Beach.

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Then it was time for the friend, Isabelle Pekarsky, to go home to give her friends some ‘family time’ and so she could attend classes at Maple Woods Community College. But on Wednesday the airline cancelled her Thursday flight because of Hurricane Matthew. They rebooked her on a Friday flight, which was promptly cancelled. The airline put her on a Saturday flight, but that has been cancelled too.

“I was supposed to come back today (Thursday) because I have classes where I have projects due and I actually have a test as well. It’s a little stressing and frustrating because I have a lot of things to do but luckily I have my laptop so I can email my professors,” said Isabelle. “They were really understanding, thankfully.”

When we spoke to Desiree, her family of seven was still confirmed on their Saturday flight.

“As of right now our flight is still good to go,” she said at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, but two hours later she received the notification that her Saturday flight home was cancelled, too.

She’s now hoping her Monday flight won’t be cancelled.

Desiree Brown and Isabelle Pekarsky on Facetime from Orlando

Desiree Brown and Isabelle Pekarsky on Facetime from Orlando

“I guess we’ll make the best of it. I’m a little bit concerned with our flight as well. As of right now flights are good for Saturday but I guess we’ll have to extend our stay and make the best of it. We still have some Disneyworld and Universal tickets that we haven’t used, so I think the storm will be passed and we’ll just make the best of it and extend our stay,” said Desiree.

In our Facetime conversation with them, FOX 4 asked them what they were most worried about.

“Would definitely be lack of electricity for a period of time,” said Desiree. “I have flashlights and things like that I went out and bought but that would be one of my concerns and then getting home.  Worst case scenario we could drive but with eight people that’s a long drive. That would be one of my biggest concerns is having to actually drive back to Missouri.”

Along with the parents, there are six kids on vacation, ranging in age from five to 19-years-old. That’s a lot of people to feed.

“Today I went to go get a couple extra gallons of milk because we were low on milk anyways. I wanted to get another loaf of bread and I had to go to four stores. The shelves are completely cleared out. The gas stations, I mean people are circling gas stations. It’s crazy and something I’ve never seen before,” said Desiree.

FOX 4 wishes everyone safe travels!

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*Note: Isabelle Pekarsky is the daughter of FOX 4 web producer, Michelle Pekarsky.