Kid walking home from school jumps in to help blind man cross busy road

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NORTH COLLEGE HILL, Ohio — A moment he probably didn’t expect to garner much attention is earning a 12-year-old boy in Ohio praise from his community. WLWT reports that middle school student Jayden Denton was walking home when he noticed Terry Strader, a blind man who works in the area, getting ready to cross a busy intersection.

“I just decided to see if I could help him, see if he wanted help crossing the street,” Jayden told the TV station.

Strader obliged, and it may have just been a moment between the two of them, if not for an admiring mom who happened to be nearby and snapped three photos.

For his part, Jayden said the experience was a great lesson.

“Not everything is about yourself. Other people might need something from you or need your help or┬ásomething. Good stuff will come back in return,” Jayden said.