Local man says he’s worried sick as he waits to hear from family, friends in Haiti

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- There are reports of nearly 100 deaths in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew.

Haitians in the metro are concerned about friends and loved ones on the island.

Nearly all communications have been cut off.

Glory House Services helps pay for teachers and supports schools in rural Haiti.

Idalbert Joseph says he hasn't heard anything since Monday from the 19 teachers he supports in Haiti.

"I’m still waiting to see on my computer if they send some message to me," Joseph said "They always send me some message by What’s Up. They always send me something by Facebook. And Tweeters, I always hear something from them. But this time, no electricity in this part of the northwest area. So that’s why no communication. The cellphone is probably dead."

Joseph's wife just returned from the island nation Friday, providing food and clothing for more than 300 students in northwest Haiti. Joseph's mother-in-law was supposed to fly into the United States today. She hasn't made the trip and both he and his wife are worried sick about her.

"She went to work, she's very said," Joseph said about his wife. "We are just worried about the family because we are always close. When she went to Haiti last week all the family was with her to help her feeding the kids, give them a cookie and cooking food. Right now she is just worried she’s just crying because she would like to hear from her mom."

Joseph says one of schools he supports is built out of palm tree branches and leaves. It can't withstand a heavy rain, much less a hurricane. Already there are reports that damage may exceed that of the 2010 earthquake.

Academie Lafayette and a Haitian Baptist church sponsor Glory House Services' education efforts in Haiti. Joseph fears after another devastating natural disaster, they'll be starting from scratch again.