Park Hill approves plan including potential new high school

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Park Hill Schools approved a plan Thursday night to deal with potential overcrowding. The district started using portable classrooms at high schools last year and could need a new high school in the next few years.

Right now the district has about 3,500 high school students, but schools could get really overcrowded once they reach 4,000 students.

Part of the plan approved Thursday is to start building an innovation center for professional studies students once the combined high school population reaches 3,650. Projections are that will happen in 2017.

The innovation center wouldn’t open until at least the year 2020, so they will look at renting space for about 200 students in those programs right now.

The newly constructed $18 million building wouldn’t be nearly as big as either of the high schools in the district right now, but could be expanded if needed.

“When we work with our engineers and our construction management team we can tell them specifically this is what we may want to do, so let’s make sure we design it in such a way that if we convert to a third high school, so it’s a minimum cost.” Park Hill Asst. Superintendent Jeff Klein said.

The new building's location remains undecided. They are looking for enough land to expand if necessary.