Repeat customers try for months to reach station owner after getting tank of bad gas

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PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. -- Gretchen Hernandez and her husband have spent hundreds over the years filling up their cars at the KCI Kwik Shoppe in Ferrelview, including a stop in July when they gassed up. They say their Toyota started sputtering when she pulled out of the station.

They took the car to the dealership and mechanics realized the problem came from one of their routine fill ups, but not before the couple spent hundreds to replace other parts during the diagnostic phase.

"It took them like a week to finally figure out it was bad gas," Hernandez said.

Bad storms in July caused water to seep into the fuel storage tanks. The state issued a stop sale on regular fuel, which the owner addressed. Owner Gurjant Badiesha said he's been in business 12 years and helps his customers.

"It might not be his fault I guess, but it's not my fault either," Hernandez said of the water.

The couple says they've spent three months trying to reach the gas station's owner for his insurance info. They said the response has repeatedly been the same.

"He was never there. He'll be here later, he'll be in later, call back, call back, call back."

Badiesha wanted the couple to leave all their claim information at the counter at the gas station. Hernandez is glad to show receipts and paperwork but doesn't want to leave personal paperwork in public. FOX 4 stopped by the gas station and got ahold of Badiesha on the phone.

"That insurance is not for the public. I need those papers," he said.

The Hernandez family said it just wants the insurance information, though at this point, they say they're probably just out the $500. Badiesha has said on more than one occasion he'd make things right for this family, and promised again Thursday afternoon he'd reach out to the Hernandez family Friday.

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