Shooting victim recalls 30 terrifying seconds where she thought she’d die at the Plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An innocent bystander says she thought she might die, after she was shot on a busy sidewalk at the Country Club Plaza – a place where she never questioned her safety.

“You never think about your worst fears coming true,” said 29-year-old Bhaswati, a Ph.D. student at the University of Kansas Medical Center. “You’ll be in the middle of a gunfight. That’s unimaginable.”

Police said several shots rang out just before 8 p.m. on the Plaza Saturday night, when the streets were crowded with shoppers and diners.

In an exclusive interview with FOX 4 Monday afternoon, Bhaswati, who moved to the U.S. from India in 2011, said she had just arrived at the Plaza to do some shopping.

She was standing on the sidewalk helping direct her fiancé as he parallel parked their car. That’s when she noticed a group of rowdy teenagers behind her began screaming and then she heard a series of loud pops.

“It was like just a firecracker noise,” she said. “It was just, Pop! Pop! Pop! Maybe five or six times.”

watermark636121755842929186Police said the sounds were really gunshots spraying into the crowd, hitting Bhaswati and a 14-year-old boy.

“I would’ve died right there,” Bhaswati said, as she shuddered at the thought of what could have happened that night.

“I just felt like, I haven`t talked to my mom. I haven’t got a chance to tell her, ‘Bye.’ I mean, I would’ve been killed right there...”

Bhaswati began to tear up, saying, “I mean, I`m sorry. I can`t really forget those 30 seconds of my life.”

They were 30 seconds that played out in slow motion, as gunshots also hit her car – sending shrapnel flying and piercing her body in several places.plazashooting

“[I have] two deep wounds on this side and on that side,” Bhaswati said as she pointed to her gunshot wound on her right thigh.

But doctors said she's lucky, as the bullet grazed her leg and didn't do any major damage.

“Those bullets, they just kill you,” Bhaswati said, expressing how thankful she is to be alive today. “ You don`t have a second chance to live.”

It was a close call she is now struggling to understand, after she was simply caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

“I haven’t seen the face of who shot me,” she said. “I haven`t seen his face ever. So how can you just kill me? Give me one reason why you did this to me.”

Those are questions she hopes get answers, when police hopefully catch the person who pulled the trigger.

“You can`t just open fire on somebody on a crowded night,” she said. “Not in a place like the Plaza where there are so many people around.”

Police still have yet to make an arrest in this case, so if you know who the shooter is, call Crime Stoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

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