As Kansas City homicide rate climbs, anti-violence group says need for volunteers is growing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Dozens of women showed up to take a pledge Tuesday night to combat homicide, and comfort those who’ve lost children to violence.

KC Mothers In Charge says its need for volunteers is growing as the city’s murder rate climbs. The group held a recruitment event at the East Patrol Police Department, as the homicide rate in Kansas City inches closer to 100. There have been 93 homicides in the city as of Tuesday night.

So the group is calling all mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and friends. Current members say there’s a fight in Kansas City, and they need more to take up the battle. The group offers support to those who have lost children to homicide. Its members, and some of the women who showed up to volunteer, know what that loss is like first-hand.

“Next month with be five years since my son’s homicide. Thanksgiving eve. It’s still unsolved, but i fight every day for everyone. All I’m asking is for some support, some help, some volunteers to come on a help this organization," said Rosilyn Temple with Mothers In Charge.

“He has three kids little kids that mourn him every day so with that I don’t care what it takes I’m going to try to stop the violence in Kansas City,” said Ethel Douglas.

She showed up with a picture of her son Winston, who was killed in 2015. She says his death is the reason she’s deciding to come out and volunteer. If you missed the event, you can show up for the training Monday night.

It will be held at 5 p.m. at 3200 Wayne #124 in Kansas City. You do not have to have lost a child to homicide; in fact, the group is trying to recruit mothers who have not lost children to homicide.

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