Police return car to 77-year-old woman carjacked at Raytown library after Facebook post leads to tip

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RAYTOWN, Mo. -- There is some good news for a 77-year-old Raytown woman who was carjacked Monday as she was leaving the Mid-Continent Public Library.

Doris Sellards, 77, says she was carjacked as she was leaving Raytown Library Monday.

Doris Sellards, 77, says she was carjacked as she was leaving Raytown Library Monday.

"You never know if anyone has a gun, or whatever," Doris Sellards said describing the attack. "I grabbed ahold of her arm and when I did that she whacked me really good."

It was a rough day for Sellards, but Tuesday brought better news as her car was found and returned to her at 31st and Hardesty.

A few items are still from inside the car are still missing, but the car itself is in good shape.

"I thank whoever did this, to make the car return to me. Thank you so much for all of you, for all your work," Sellards said.

While she has her car back, the search for the thieves continues. FOX 4's John Pepitone shows us how it disappeared in a brazen, broad daylight crime.

Although it's not unusual for cars to be broken into, or valuables stolen from automobiles in the parking lot, no one at the library can remember an incident where a vehicle was taken by force.

"They kept saying, 'I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to have to hurt you,'" Sellards recalled.

This crime happened in broad daylight, just after 3 p.m.

Sellards stopped at the library to make some photocopies.

The retired musician with the Kansas City Symphony noticed two young women hanging around but didn't think anything of it, until one of them, a black woman with distinctive dyed strawberry blonde hair, ran up behind her and ripped her keys out of her hand as she was returning to her car.

"I was nearly to my car. I go, 'come on. Give me my keys back,' you know, not even realizing, because she was laughing.

Sellards said the woman tossed the keys to her accomplice. When she tried to stop the pair, one of them punched her.

"I was the target. They spotted me and they waited for me, and they went inside and waited for me," she said.

Sellards says she screamed as the two women, in their late teens or early 20s, got away. She saw one witness record the incident on his cellphone, but she doesn't think he shared it with police.

"The library has cameras, there were several people in the parking lot observing this whole event," Sellards said. "And to show you how life has changed, in the old days somebody would have come to help."

The car showed up on a metro Facebook page Tuesday called "KCMO Deals n Steals," which features deals on used products posted by those who want to sell items. The car was listed for $1,300 with the caption, "Runs &I drives perfectly .no title [Hit me up] if interested."

After seeing this story on FOX 4, a viewer tipped our station and Raytown police.


The car was listed on KCMO Deals n Steals Facebook page.

Library representative Emily Brown told FOX 4 that library management has reviewed surveillance footage and spoken to Raytown police, and is preparing to turn over the video as well as all other information to aid in the investigation.

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