Students react to report of sexual assault on JCCC campus

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Students were a bit more alert Tuesday after a sexual assault was reported on the campus of Johnson County Community College.

A text message alert was sent out to JCCC students saying that a male reported being sexually assaulted by another male at approximately 12:15 p.m. Tuesday in the third floor men's restroom of the Carlsen Center.

The text alert describes the suspect as a white male, about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches tall, and wearing a green baseball cap.

"Oh my God. You know, kind of a little fear set in, because I'm up here Monday through Friday so just a little fear set in. You know, kind of close to home, so to speak," student Dionne Dawson said. "I'm just going to make sure I keep aware of my surroundings and things because there's stuff happening everywhere."

"Just that somebody could do that to somebody else, and especially here because we've never really had anything like that,"said student Graham Porter.

Students said the school is good about alerting them when things happen, but this incident is still concerning.

"Everybody should be able to feel safe here. I think that creates some sense of, you know, confusion and concern with the students," Porter added.

The Campus Ledger, JCCC's student publication, reported that the victim was a student and that the suspect is not in police custody.

FOX 4 has reached out to JCCC representatives. We are still waiting on an official response from the school.

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