Two men who tried to save Independence mom say they can’t get her off their mind

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Two men pulled their cars off the road to try to save a dying mother's life. The deadly shooting happened in Independence on Sunday night. Police said 22-year-old Whitney Gray was the victim of road rage shooting.

Investigators said 37-year-old Christopher Taylor is charged with the crime. Prosecutors say Taylor drove away from the deadly scene and then took off to South Dakota.

That's where authorities found him early Tuesday morning.

Two of the men who pulled over to try to help Gray said they can't get the image out of their mind.

"I just held her hand and said come back to us, don't go you are going to be fine, you are going to be okay, help is on the way," said Spencer Warren.

Whitney, Bentley and Junior

Whitney, Bentley and Junior

Warren said he asked Whitney if she could hear him and she didn't respond.

Warren said he saw the SUV tailgating Gray and saw her trying to get away. He said he saw her van hit the curb and then come to a slow stop. Then, he said he saw Gray get out of the van and fall to the ground bleeding.

Mike Stark, who also pulled over to help, said he gave Gray CPR.

"She showed me where she had been hit at, I laid her down on her back and I took my shirt off and I started applying pressure to the wound," he said.

Stark said Gray was able to tell him where she had been shot but never said anything else. Warren said Gray's niece, who was also in the van, told him she and Gray told the driver of the SUV that they had kids in the car but he still wouldn't leave them alone.

Tuesday night there was a memorial of flowers and candles at the scene where Gray was killed near E. 15th street and S. Sterling Avenue. A account has been set up for her family.

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