Do donuts differently at Donutology in Westport

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Donuts are arguably the best tasting breakfast out there, but people have different preferences when it comes to toppings.

A new donut shop in Westport, Donutology, aims to do donuts different by allowing customers create their own. Watch the video above for a look inside the new shop and a quick history lesson on how the sweet treat got its name.

"People are very passionate about their donuts, especially early in the morning," owner Andrew Camerson said. "And there's nothing worse than getting to a donut shop, and they're out of your favorite donut."

At Donutology, you pick your favorite frosting, topping and drizzle. And some of the ingredients are very unique, such as bacon, Fruit Loops and Pop Rocks.

Whether you like yours glazed, jelly filled or chocolate frosted, the fluffy treat has an interesting and debated history.

While there is evidence different cultures around the world have been drying dough for centuries, many experts credit the Dutch with bringing donuts to America, only back then, they called them olykoeks- or "oily cakes".

According to historians with the Smithsonian, in the mid 1800's a sailor's mother fried cakes for her son's shipmates, but the middle remained doughy.
She put nuts in the middle to make it taste better and called it a dough nut. But her son didn't like eating uncooked dough so he cut it out with a circular tin - creating the first holed donut.

Donuts became increasingly popular during World War I. Volunteers gave American soldiers donuts as a taste of home. They became addicted and when they returned home, they sought to eat more of them. To meet demand, a Russian immigrant in New York City built a machine to make donuts quickly and the donut craze took off.

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