Driver of truck crashes into SUV, runs through muddy field fleeing police, then changes his mind

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A witness say a driver wrecked his truck into at least one innocent driver as the suspect sped away from police through the intersection of 87th Street and Blue Ridge Blvd late Thursday morning.

The witness could see the wreck from a nearby business and says the truck blew through the intersection, wrecked into a pole and a silver SUV. The driver then hopped out of his vehicle, running through a muddy field. Then, the witness said, it appeared the suspect changed his mind and returned to face arrest.  A female passenger was then taken out of the front seat, followed by someone stuck in the backseat, who was then taken away by ambulance. There are reports that person is a child, but police have not confirmed this.

Raytown police and Kansas City, Mo., police were on the scene. The witness says a motorcycle fell out of the truck bed during the ordeal and the witness speculated that it looked like the motorcycle was stolen, the way it was haphazardly placed in the truck bed, unsecured.