OK Programs raises funds to help expand to more cities including Topeka

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Petri Hawkins-Byrd appears on the "Judge Judy" TV show every day on FOX 4, and on Thursday, Oct. 20, he was in Kansas City helping with a fundraiser for the OK Program at Helix Architecture.

Hawkins-Byrd is best recognized as the bailiff on "Judge Judy," but he also serves as the co-chairman of the board of directors for the OK Program. The OK Program is a male mentorship program that began 26-years ago in Sacramento, Calif., by a deputy who wanted to better his community. The group looks to foster positive relations between police officers and young black males.

"It seems like every other day there's another shooting, unjustified or whatever, but these young men don't have role models to help them," the program's executive director, Darron Story said.

The OK Program says the funds raised will go toward helping with expansion.

The organization is planning to add chapters in Topeka, Detroit and Atlanta early next year.

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