Promising to turn pain into a positive, Angel Hooper’s family fulfills special project in her honor

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It’s been two years since a 6-year-old girl was shot and killed at a Kansas City gas station. Ever since, Angel Hooper’s family has been working on a special project in her honor and on the anniversary of her death it became a reality.

She was a little girl with a type of light that filled up any room. Angel loved to sing and told her cousin Ashley Newson she wanted to be a rock star.

Angel Hooper

Angel Hooper

“I hope to put her name in lights and make her the true rock star she wanted to be,” Newson said.

It was two years ago, Angel went to a 7-Eleven with her dad to get bubble gum. Shots were fired and a bullet hit her in the head, killing her.

“We passed by 7-Eleven, the pictures were dark real blurry but that what my mind felt like,” Newson said.

This week marked two years since Angel was shot and killed. Her mom Charity and little brother went to visit her, laying on her grave, trying to feel close to her.

“I went to go visit her at the graveyard and wrote her a letter. Just saying how I loved her and missed her and hope she's proud.”

When Angel died, Newson promised she would put her name in lights and turn the pain into a positive. Angel’s family worked tirelessly to transform the corner that represents her death, into a spot that honors her memory. The family adopted Blue Ridge Boulevard. Now Angel’s name and face is everywhere and her cousin Ashley is making good on her promise.

“That alone pushes me. I know she's proud,” she said.

Both suspects, Howard Chase and LeAndre Smith, will have a trial by jury, set for January and February of next year.