Joe’s Weather Blog: The changing foliage…from the ground and space (SUN-10/23)

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Good afternoon and I hope, despite this being a big sports Sunday with the Chiefs on one side of the state line and Sporting KC trying to get a playoff slot on the other side of the state line…that at least you take some time to get outside for a bit and enjoy what may be a top 10 weekend in the KC area. Spectacular weather yesterday with a high of 71° and we’ll end up with another 70-75° day today!


Tonight: clear and cooler with lows in the low-mid 40s

Monday: Sunny and pleasant with highs a pinch cooler. 65-70° and light winds

Tuesday: Variable clouds windy and warmer again with highs 70-75°. Winds may gust to 25 mph


My goodness has this been a perfect fall weekend in the KC area. Skies have been bright and blue and temperatures have been about 5-10° above average. Can’t get much better…and that’s despite a “cold” front that’s coming into the area as I type this blog up today. Take a look at the midday weather map…showing the temperatures in RED.

Notice as well the winds…represented by the barbs. They’re from the north in NE/IA and from the W or SW in KC and southwards. This is a weak boundary that is sliding through the area. The air north of that boundary is just a few degrees cooler than what’s on top of us at this writing so the “cooldown” really won’t amount to a lot in the end.

One look at the satellite picture shows the abundance of clear weather, even with the boundary moving on through

So with the clear weather some gorgeous fall colors are popping in the region…check out the prettiness sent in this morning from Steve Wilcox. He took a couple of shots in JACO yesterday. The 1st shot is from Lake Jacomo

and the 2nd shot is from Blue Springs Lake


So darn pretty…and this will be the week into next weekend that the colors should maximize in the KC area I think…a bit behind probably because of the warmth of the month.

Not only can you see the change in the landscape from a ground perspective but you can as well from the heavens above. Take a look at this satellite picture from yesterday (taking advantage of the clear weather).


Satellite picture from 10/22/16

Now let’s flash back about 1 year to 10/25/2015…and see the same perspective…it’s a tougher comparison because I couldn’t find a perfectly clear day that week last year. This will have to do.


Satellite picture from 10/25/2015

You can see the subtle but definite green shading still hanging tough on the top image compared to the 2nd image…again a delayed color season.

Anyway…sort of cool to see from a satellite perspective.

Temperatures for the month are certainly mild…and this will be another month with above average temperatures

The pattern overall continues to be mild and “mostly” dry. There is a good rain chance on WED…probably not a lot though. We’ll see about another chance sometime next weekend IF we get another front to move through.

Oh take a look a the Mt Washington, NH web cam this afternoon. They had several inches of snow overnight. It was int he teens this morning with winds of 100 MPH!


Mt Washington weather observation.

I’ll write more about the midweek rain tomorrow morning in the blog.


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