Make-A-Wish gives family of baby girl with neurological disorder trip to Disneyland

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A local family with a special needs two and a half year old got a big surprise today after months of waiting.

The surprise took place at the Lee Ann Britain Infant Development Center where more than 50 people showed up to surprise the Tetuan family.

"Just seeing everybody and not expecting it just brings on a bunch of emotions, and we kind of knew what we were trying to do with her, so as soon as I saw everyone I kind of knew what was going on, so it was a good feeling," said Jesse Tetuan.

Jesse and Tina Tetuan’s daughter, Florence, is two and a half years old. She was born with neurological disorder characterized by seizures.

“We were just hoping and praying that we could get that wish granted for her, to be able to make memories with her, as she has this chronic disease, and every day is just a blessing and making memories is important,” said mom Tina.

Today family, friends, Make-A-Wish volunteers, and staff— the support system for the Tetuans — surprised them for the reveal that their wish had been granted.

“It means everything. I mean, we couldn’t do most of the stuff that we do without support,” added Jesse.

The Tetuans have been trying to get Florence a trip to Disneyland in California through Make-A-Wish foundation for a few months now.

“She loves just those Disney characters, so we knew that would probably be the wish for her,” Tina said.

Tina said life has been a rollercoaster over the past 2 and a half years, and this trip means the world to them.

“Being able to be outside of our home, outside of being bogged down with all the medical equipment, doctors appointment, therapy, it’s just a break for us to really just enjoy each other and build memories, so we’re excited,” Tina added.

They couldn’t be more thankful to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the volunteers who granted their wish.

“People don’t know what gift they’re really, truly giving. It’s one to last a lifetime for everybody, and it’s beyond anything you could ever give — is the gift of a memory especially with a sick kid,” Tina said.

The Tetuans will be heading to Disneyland in 2017.

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