Northland man feels enraged, violated when thief plucks package off of front doorstep

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KANSAS CITY NORTH -- United Parcel Service on Thursday said it expects to deliver more than 700-million packages around the world between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. But not all of those deliveries will get into the hands of their rightful recipients.

"It`s coming on the holiday season," said Julian Dillard. "Packages are arriving, So people just prey on that sort of thing."

Dillard is a Northland homeowner who got tired of package deliveries disappearing in his neighborhood. So he installed a surveillance camera on his doorstep, and it didn't long for that investment to pay off.

"Oh, I was enraged. I felt violated," he said.

Dillard couldn't believe what he was watching on a smartphone app that's connected to a camera on his house. Less than an hour after the postal service Wednesday delivered a Halloween decoration that he had ordered to his home, he watched in disbelief as a thief jumped out of a Jeep, ran up to his door, and grabbed his package while Dillard was miles away at work.

"They were driving by and you can imagine someone saying, 'Hey look there's a package at that door.'" Dillard said. "They slow down. A guy jumps out of the back of the vehicle runs out, grabs the box. And it was in seconds, I literally watch the video and I was like, seconds and it was gone."

Dillard reported the theft to police and the postal service but doesn't expect he'll ever see what was in the box. The decoration was not valuable and he says the thief probably trashed it, That thought leaves him even more steamed.

"Several friends have said they have some kind of a box or something at their front doors," he said, "Or they put plants or bushes so if packages are left they can be relatively hidden. I have a standing order with UPS to deliver around the back of the house."

After this story aired at 5 p.m., the thief's brother recognized him on TV and contacted their mother. The mom took the thief to Dillard's home to return the stolen package and apologize.

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