Excelsior Springs’ Hall of Waters and video from Kansas City Paranormal may make you believe in ghosts if you don’t already

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EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. --  Do you believe in ghosts?

A recent Harris poll shows more than 40-percent of people do - and that number might rise once people hear the strange voices coming from a landmark in Excelsior Springs.

Video Kansas City Paranormal shot inside the Hall of Waters  reportedly captures a young child ghost saying "mommy" in the women's spa on the first floor.

The building superintendent reports seeing the ghost of a woman wearing a red dress. And paranormal experts say they've heard Native American chanting and felt spirits touch their arms and hair.

They believe the combination of limestone, Quartz and water in the building make it ideal for spirits to congregate.

"With this place, it just keeps going on and on and on," said Jan Schoeler with Kansas City Paranormal. "It's very consistent, the paranormal evidence. It just happens a lot. A lot of loud voices, a lot of shadow figures, in the basement and the sub basement area."

Kansas City paranormal is offering haunted tours of the Hall of Waters in Excelsior Springs Friday and Saturday night for $50 a person.

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