Investigators kept busy in Brookside neighborhood with rash of crimes on Halloween night

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A crime spree rattled the Brookside neighborhood on Halloween night, with police responding to a series of attempted break-ins, a burglary and a car theft.

The quaint neighborhood isn't your typical crime hot spot, but it kept police busy with 911 calls.

David Convy was one of the victims, who left his Brookside Boulevard home for just two hours, from about 8:30 to 10:30 p.m.

Within that time frame, someone busted Convy’s locks, kicked in his front door and stole valuables, including his 60-inch flat screen TV.

“I came back here,” Convy recalled, “TV was gone, went upstairs, they had taken a laptop computer, a few pairs of tennis shoes, and then I could tell my room had kind of been rummaged through, because everything was kind of out of line.”

He described it as a quick smash-and-grab burglary, one that took place just a few feet away from busy Brookside Boulevard.

“We are on such a busy street,” he said, “so it is kind of a bold move, in my opinion.”

It was a bold move that's left him feeling violated and uneasy in his own house.

“It was just kind of a bummer to come in and see some of your more valuable possessions have been taken,” Convy said, “and then there`s really nothing you can do about it.”

He finds little comfort in knowing he wasn't the only victim that night.

“The police officers did come over and they did say that there had been three or four break-ins within a three or four block radius of where we are,” Convy said.

Those other crimes included one woman who called 911 to say a stranger was walking alongside her home and looking into her windows, and another man who reported his car stolen right out of his driveway.

The owner of the stolen car, Bill Clause, said it’s a sparkly black 2013 Ford Escape Tuxedo with a Missouri license plate. He only knew the first three digits to be KJ1.

It's a crime spree that's spurring vigilance – and for Convy, some new security upgrades like surveillance cameras.

“I would think that`s on the Christmas list!” he said.

Police are unsure if these crimes are all related, as they're still working to make arrests.

If you know who might be responsible, call Crime Stopppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

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