Kansas City man with machete arrested for indecent exposure in upscale neighborhood on Halloween

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A call about a man terrorizing trick-or-treaters with a machete, led to an arrest for him holding something else in his hands Halloween night.

The indecent exposure arrest is just one of 15 counts 35-year-old George Morris will face various judges for Wednesday morning. The incident happened near 63rd Street and State Line Road in the upscale Stratford Gardens neighborhood.

“It was a warm night and we actually ran out of candy, we’ve never had that happen before,” Michael O'Neill said, describing trick-or-treaters who came by the carload.

But just about the time parents were going through candy with the youngest of trick-or-treaters, neighbors called police about a man with a machete scaring children.

“He said he was trick-or-treating at least that’s what he was telling the police officers, but there was no one else around and he didn’t have any candy or a candy bag or anything like that,” Greg Koehler said.

When police arrived and told the man to put down the machete, he had one hand on his privates. Neighbors had spotted him urinating on the sidewalk moments earlier.

“That’s a terrible thing to hear because all these little babies were out last night, most of them had parents but not all of them, so nobody should be doing anything reckless on a Halloween night,” O'Neill said.

Morris was arrested for indecent exposure, but court documents show he also had 14 outstanding warrants, including one for child abuse. In that case, he’s accused of slapping a child in the face at least four times.

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