Laughter and teasing part of the work as Chiefs linebackers load food for Kansas City hungry families

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Members of the Chiefs Community Caring Team, which includes the team’s linebackers spent their day off on Tuesday loading more than 30,000 pounds of boxes with products donated by Tyson Foods.

More than 60 relief organizations, including food pantries and church ministries chosen by Harvesters Community Food Network will receive the product.

The Chiefs have participated in the ‘Lift Up America’ movement for 13 years. Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt initially spearheaded the team’s work with the program in 2004.

Dee Ford

Dee Ford

“We make sure that we live out our dreams but also give back,” Dee Ford said.

“It means a lot because I understand that in our situation we are very blessed. A lot of people can’t see the world that we see. The lens that we see life is not the same for everybody else. So anytime we’re able to give back, this is a great way to do it,” Dee Ford said. “Anytime you have the opportunity to help those people out in need, we take it.”

Ford, still jovial from his 3.5 sacks against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, joked with the high school kids also there to help with the load.

“All kids love me,” said #55, who is tied for fifth in the NFL for sacks.

Derrick Johnson, explaining Dee Ford's 'relaxed' approach to loading boxes

Derrick Johnson, explaining Dee Ford’s ‘relaxed’ approach to loading boxes

Teammate and mentor Derrick Johnson chuckled during an interview, when he was asked about Dee Ford standing behind him, talking and signing autographs while others moved boxes.

“Dee’s helping out. We got the Kearney Bulldogs over here so he’s giving a lot of input on how to sack quarterbacks and stuff so he’s doing something right now,” he laughed.

“My passion is working with kids but working with people less fortunate than us and being in the NFL, there’s a lot of people that are less fortunate than us,” said Johnson, #56 linebacker. “But to have 30 pounds of protein and providing 36,000 meals for the community of Kansas City, what better way to serve than to help kids in need and families in need that are hungry.”

“We’re very blessed. We appreciate what the city does for us, so for us to bless and help the city, what better way to help than by feeding the less fortunate,” said Johnson.

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